Reading Enrichment – “Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life” Final Project
DUE DATE: December 14, 2011

Choose one of the projects below.

Book report
    • Write a book report summarizing the story you read. The report must include the following:
    • List of the main characters and a paragraph description of each character.
    • 2-3 paragraph summary of the main events of the book.
    • 1-2 paragraph explaining if you would recommend this book and why (or why not)
    • Report must be typed and printed out or emailed to
Book Jacket
    • Create a new Book Jacket for the book. The jacket must include the following:
    • Title and Author on the front page along-with artwork
    • 2-3 paragraph summary of the story on the back page.
    • 2-3 paragraph review of the book in the front flap.
Middle School Survival Guide
    • Create a foldable mini-book with tips to survive middle school. Must include:
    • Foldable will have 8 pages which includes a front and back cover
    • Use the Template provided if you are creating the booklet in Microsoft Publisher
    • Each inside page will include a Survival Tip with an illustration and explanation of the tip
    • Explanation will be 1-2 paragraphs explaining WHY the tip is important
    • Total of 6 tips will be needed along-with illustrations

For free to use images and other media, visit the link below.